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We offer court approved separated parenting courses, online parenting courses one to one, parenting plans for problem behaviours, support services for families dealing with ASD, Family Mediation and Anger Management Courses. With 5-star reviews and personalised one-to-one sessions, we are here to help you navigate every aspect of parenting. Our services are available online or in-person, at a time, date and place that suits you.

Beacon Parenting Courses

Online Parenting Courses One to One
Separated Parenting Courses
Anger Management Courses
Family Mediation


About Us

pj brennan beacon parenting courses

As well as being a parent of teenagers, I also have over 15 years of experience in the fields of family support, ASD social care, youth work and parenting guidance. I am also qualified as a Certified Mediator & Anger Management & am passionate about helping parents create positive outcomes for their children and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Over the years I have built strong relationships with social workers, teachers, solicitors and G.P.'s. and use their knowledge to guide my own practice.

Beacon Parenting is listed with Barnardos and provides online separated parenting courses one to one, parenting plans, family mediation, ASD parenting and anger management courses at a date and time that suits you.

P.J. Brennan

Triple P Facilitator & Mediator

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